Dear Friends

Welcome to Derby Eye Care

This website is designed to help you gain some information regarding the various common eye conditions and keep you abreast of the new developments in the field of ophthalmology. At the same time it also will help you become aware of the various facilities and treatments I can offer you and provide a platform for any discussion you would want to have with me. Although I have taken extreme care to ensure that the information on this website is accurate and up to date however I cannot guarantee their accuracy and would like to emphasise that the information and the treatment options detailed on this site cannot replace a consultation with your doctor who can provide you with a tailored treatment. I hope that the information in the website would be helpful to you and would always like to welcome any comments/suggestions you could provide me to make this more helpful.

As Charles De Lint says The few wonders of the world only exist while there are those with the sight to see them. Therefore I hope that with your vigilance and my expertise we together will keep you seeing better and brighter.

Yours Truly

Pankaj Puri